Monday, November 11, 2013

A Prayer for the People of the Philippines

Merciful God, the natural world is both wondrous and terrifying. It can tear away homes, cause great loss of life, and leave lost and bereft those whose lives have been upended. Such is the case now in the Philippines. Throughout the ages, people have turned to You in times of devastation and heartbreak such as this. You always turned Your heart toward them and never abandoned them. 
Let Your presence now be known by the men, women, and children who have lost so much in the face of this typhoon. Bring them comfort and relief and offer consolation in the midst of desolation by the works of your angels and protect and guide all those who will respond to help those affected at this time. We especially pray for the children who have lost parents or families that they may be made safe and offered emotional security in this hour of tragedy, heartbreak, and injury. Make those of us untouched by this disaster mindful of their needs and generous in our response. In the rebuilding that must take place, draw us together in mutual love and support for all those affected. In Your gracious Name, we pray. Amen. 
How to Help: To assist in the disaster relief of the Philippines, please consider giving to the Red Cross Philippine Typhoon Appeal or other related appeal.

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Horizons for Homeless Children:

Horizons for Homeless Children:
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