Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy International Men's Day!

Don't listen to the naysayers out there who say such outreach is illegitimate or not needed, because every boy deserves the best start in life and every man who wrongfully suffers anywhere in the world is deserving of our concern, but all over the world there are men and boys dealing with violence, suicide, lack of scholastic achievement, lack of male role models, lack of security, higher rates of mental illness, imprisonment, and unemployment, and and who have no supports to turn to. That is why the issues concerning men and boys worldwide are observed every year on November 19th. This year, the theme is "Keeping Men and Boys Safe." Men and boys have a great number of issues that affect them, and so today is about spreading awareness on these issues.
The theme for 2013 is, "Keeping Men and Boys safe". The nominated target areas are:
• Keeping men and boys Safe by tackling male suicide;
• Keeping boys safe so they can become tomorrow’s role models;
• Tackling our tolerance of violence against men and boys;
• Boosting men’s life expectancy by keeping men and boys safe from avoidable illness and death;
• Keeping men and boys safe by promoting fathers and male role models.
The 2013 Press Release asks, "People all over the world are used to relating to men as protectors and providers, but how often do we consider the actions we can all take to protect Men and Boys from harm and provide them with a safe world where they can thrive and prosper?"

Some other issues worth considering on this day: 

1. Reducing male suicide (currently 80% of all suicides).
2. Restoring educational equity to our boys (who achieve 20% below their female peers).
3. Responding to the crisis in men's greater unemployment.
4. Decreasing the gap in reading and writing for boys worldwide. 
5. Decreasing boys' infant mortality rates (which are greater than girls).
6. Decreasing men and boys' over-representation in addictions and mental health.
7. Eliminating the enormous cost of fatherlessness to children and society. 
8. Eliminating the almost total lack of services for male victims of violence.
9. Stopping the exploitation, mutilation, and death of boys used as soldiers worldwide. 

And here are some websites you should check out and spread on this day include: 

Give boys the best possible start in life! Spread the word!

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